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At ICF Direct, we specialize in residential, community and commercial design, including factories, offices and schools. Ranging from small city apartments to single-family suburban houses to existing structure add-ons, our construction team provides our clients with top-notch homes - homes so well-built that they can confidently look forward to making memories in them for years to come.

ICF Direct has designed, built and developed insulated concrete structures (i.e. homes, commercial, industrial & community) since 1999. Mike King (P.E.), owner and structural engineer for ICF, has been designing and building concrete structures for over 35 years; using his degree in engineering to develop economical and well-constructed structures.

Why Use ICF?                          

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are utilized to construct concrete walls that can be over 30 feet tall. Using advanced concrete forming technology, they allow for the construction of a quick and cost-effective concrete structure. With ICFs, you receive a superior structure with a lasting potential of up to a century. It separates itself from wood structures in that it is capable of withstanding higher loads (including wind and water loads). Additionally, you benefit from superior energy efficiency and the utilization of green building technology.

Our construction services include schools, community/school tornado shelters, multi-story condominiums, commercial buildings, insulated tilt-walls, pre-cast insulated concrete joist floors and roofs, ICF Tanks, survivalist shelters, gun safes, residential ICF walls and pitched concrete roofs, conventional and post tensioned cast-in-place insulated concrete floors and roofs, as well as elevated concrete structures.

Mike King, our licensed Structural Engineer, developed an insulated Tilt-Wall panel which weighs 40% less than conventional Tilt-wall. It has heights exceeding 64 feet and an insulated pre-cast roof and a floor deck that utilizes post tension concrete with 60+ feet clear spans.

At ICF Direct, we put 110% effort into everything that we do. We are fully licensed and insured to take on any job. Experience our high-quality construction and designs for yourself. Call us at 806.356.7203 or send us an e-mail at info@icfdirecttx.com.

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